What You Need To Avoid While Recruiting And Selecting Talent

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There is no doubt the talent that an organization can determine its failure or success. Good staff members can make the workplace environment amazing and this can also contribute to better operations. In this modern global economy, it is imperative to ensure that the staff’s innovation, passion and productivity are enhanced through different means.

you got the skills, we got the job

Companies that have managed to keep their employees positive at all times have seen good outcome over time. On that note, it is the duty of a firm to ensure an effective process of recruiting and selecting when before hiring employees. Here are costly mistakes that you can avoid while conducting the talent recruitment and selection process.

Not targeting the right source for candidates

One of the common mistakes that a great deal of companies make when looking for potential candidates is circulating a job profile. Well, this does not lead to a good outcome in most cases. A firm needs to focus on key industrial sectors where they can obtain potential candidates. By ascertaining their target, firms can be able to create a pool of candidates with very competitive profiles. A firm may achieve this by working with an employment agency in Toronto. This increases the chances of hiring the right employees at the end of the recruiting and selecting process.

Not banking on the selling points of an organization

Managers may be so caught up with targeting the right candidates that they forget what really motivates a potential candidate to seek job opportunity in the company. Understanding employee’s needs really helps identify the key selling points of an organization, which gives a manager vantage when trying to win over a high performing candidate. However, since most managers overlook this factor, they end up missing out on high performing employees.

Poor communication

Another mistake made by companies when looking for potential candidates is failure to keep in touch. Candidates appreciate it when employers stay in touch. However, failure to do so forces them to resort to other job opportunities that may be available. This causes a company to lose out on potential candidates who may have brought a significant difference.

Biasness in CV screening

One of the trickiest parts of the recruiting and selecting is the process of screening resumes. This is because of biasness, which is a poisonous pill for an organization that is seeking the best candidates. A factor that contributes to this is the submission of poorly written CVs by most employees. Some of the factors that lead to biasness include focus on matters such as poor spelling, wrong dates, former employers and the like.

Poor in-person interview

There is no doubt that some interviewers make their conclusions by first impressions. This is not ideal because individuals who are introverted and shy to some extent often get misjudged. Some of these individuals may actually be high performers. As for outgoing candidates who can easily create a common ground, interviewers may easily divert their attention to personality match instead of the fundamental skills. All interviewers need to be fully trained to handle different kinds of people.

Ineffective phone screening

You should note that phone screening is not merely an activity that involves friendly chats or catching up. If there is not effective selection criteria or well-prepared questions, interviewers may easily make the wrong choice by focusing on communication and voice. An interviewer needs the right set of questions as well as selection criteria to make objective opinion.

Lack of reference checks

In some cases, managers miss out when running reference checks. It is important to run objective reference checks to ascertain the credibility of the candidates. Any assumptions may lead to hiring the wrong candidates. Managers should be particularly keen when conducting reference checks and should never forgo them.

All in all, to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is effective, it is important for managers to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.

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