What Are The Different Types Of Temporary Workers You Can Hire?

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There are certain job descriptions that will require hiring temporary employees as opposed to permanent ones. Take for instance, you need someone to fill the team up during peak periods like the holidays, perhaps. As a company, you have to understand that there are different types of temporary employees out there. Here are the most common ones you should get to know:

The temporary employee

This refers to an individual who is typically hired for a certain amount of time that can take up to a year or even less than that. A temporary employee is someone you can run to in cases of emergencies for temporary roles or projects. You will need them when someone from your workplace is usually absent, for instance, to fill-in the jobs left by employees who go on maternity leave or those who have to attend to months of training for personal or business development purposes.

Using temporary employees will definitely give you a lot of benefits as an employer. Consider the fact that you are given access to different workers fitting the skills you need. You can also be sure that these employees have been screened accordingly so that they can meet your company’s demands.

The contractor

Temporary employees, as mentioned awhile back, can be hired through the help of temporary agencies. Contractors, on the other hand, are individuals who may work for themselves or are under the various contracting companies out there. They themselves can enter into a contract with you eliminating the need to hire through an employment agency.

The good thing about hiring contractors is you can be sure that they are really experts in their chosen field thus expect that they will provide you the product or service you expect from them. Add to that, they also take charge of securing their own permits and paying their own taxes thus lessening the burden on your part. On the downside, however, it can be noted that you may have minimal control over the work done by your contractors.

The part-time employee

Like temporary employees, part-time employees will work for you for a limited amount of time. The difference between the two however is that these employees will typically give you only a limited amount of time within which they will work for you on a weekly basis. As you know, regular employees typically work up to at least 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. In the case of part-time employees, they can choose to work from an hour to 39 hours a week.

If you will try to look into this scenario, you may say you are at a total loss hiring part-time workers. Come to think of it, however, you can utilise their services to your advantage and you will only be obliged to pay them according to the number of hours stipulated in your contract once you hire them. They can work on certain shifts too, whether during the evening or weekends. As an employer though, you have to expect that your part-time employee may have other bosses which means that as such, they do not have the same level of commitment as those of your regular employees.

The intern

This employee is one who has just recently graduated from college or those students who will soon graduate. They are often hired in order to give them the hands-on experience they need to prepare them for the real business world later on. If you hire them, you have to teach them the basics of every process. Some of them may take time to learn although others can be very easy learners.

Knowing the different types of employees you can hire temporarily, which one will you choose for the role that needs to be filled-in your office? As one of the reputable temporary employment agencies in Toronto, allow us to help you land the right talent for your organization.

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