Risks That Are Worth Taking When Hiring Employees

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You have announced that there is a vacant position in your company. Perhaps the next thing you see is a growing number of applicants hoping to get the job. After a series of interviews and going through rudiments of the hiring process, you already have a shortlist of applicants. You want to make sure you get this right and you want someone with a competitive industry experience. Have you ever thought that there are risks worth taking when hiring someone for the job? Here are some of these risks that might be worth your while to tackle:

The applicant has had too many jobs in the past

You will always end up questioning the commitment the applicant has and yes, you will doubt if he will be able to last a month or two in your company. Hiring such an applicant can be very risky for your company as you perceive it but come to think of it, there may be a positive reason behind why he wants to be a jack of all trades. One is the fact that he is willing to learn and acquire more skills. Another is he wants to see which area he is best suited for.

This means an advantage for your company in the long run. Since the applicant has handled many jobs in the past, expect that he has more knowledge of the ins and outs of more than just the basic skills one must learn in his job. Expect him to easily adjust to any working environment.

You have noticed a lot of career gaps in the CV

Career gaps can be very risky, especially with the presumption that the applicant was not doing anything at all during those career breaks. It will be very rude to assume that, thus if you want to make sure that the employee has justifications for his breaks, you should ask him what he has been doing during those gaps. You might be surprised to find out that he has been pursuing an academic career or has undergone training during those periods.

The applicant does not have any experience in your industry

If you find out that an applicant has no work experience in the particular industry that your business is catering to, the first idea is that you may want to cross him out from your list of qualifiers. You do not want to take the risk because you are wondering if that person has the capability to handle your business operations.

The truth is that candidates with this risk can be the best person for the job because he is open to accepting new jobs and challenges in his career. He will have an open mind in welcoming his new role in your company. Yes, he will be asking questions every now and then. Take this as a sign that he is willing to learn.

The applicant lacks technical skills

Technical skills are very important in this day and age when technologies seem to be the core of a working environment. With this in mind, why will you end up hiring someone who does not have these skills? If you have already noted that the person is a fast learner and is inquisitive then there is enough reason to believe that he can acquire technical skills later on. After all, these skills can be acquired with enough training and experience.

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