Recruitment Trends That Will Dominate 2017

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As a HR manager, you need to keep up with the latest recruitment trends to ensure that your company improves on productivity and performance. Ways to ensure that you have a strong human capital is by developing existing employees and recruit growth driven workers. It is not just enough to lure in new talent but the real challenge comes when you need to retain good employees and make them loyal. You need to hire the services of recruitment agencies in Toronto to help you narrow down the best candidates you are looking for before interviews. This article has highlighted recruitment trends that you need to incorporate this year to improve your work force.

Corporate perks will become passé

A good pay is not enough to make employees loyal and even more productive. The younger generation is especially hard to tame if they are in a company for the pay and not the drive. In the recent past companies used to offer corporate perks to try and encourage employees to focus on corporate targets. They would offer enticements like massage chairs, ping pong tables and free snacks to lure top talents but this no longer appears to be very effective.

HR departments are now seeing the need to mentor employees from senior management and in the process they are able to sift through to get to the performers and keep them. This strategy is not only effective but it is also a cost effective way to improve productivity in the work place.

Employee engagement

Recent study shows that a company cannot enhance performance and productivity unless it encourages employee engagement. Companies are now investing in employee engagements tools to encourage interaction within a corporation. These tools encourage employees of all levels to freely give their input in company’s dealings to increase productivity. This is a strategy that all HR departments need to put in place to re affirm their cultural touchstones.

Coaching and development

Study shows that increasing employee happiness by offering reviews through giving positive feedback has a temporary effect and in the long run it does not encourage employee engagement. HR professionals have discovered that instead of employing performance management to increase work place productivity, they are now moving towards offering growth opportunities, skill development and regular feedback. These types of coaching only works when you allow teams of workers to develop new skills through providing hands on opportunities and stretch projects where they can self-coach.

Employ predictive people analysis

This is a strategy that HR professionals have been using to identify candidates to interview for a long time. However, this year HR departments need to invest in better HR technology which can optimize current organizational structure, ensure improved hiring outcomes and diminish attrition rates. They need to find culture survey questions that will help them predict accurate people analytics to land the best talent available.

Invest in new innovations

Unlike some few years back where only big corporations could afford cutting edge technology that allowed them an advantage while recruiting; now mid-market companies can easily have access to the same technology. HR software is fast becoming a must have for every company seeking to expand quickly. This software has the tools to find the best human capital in the market. It is affordable to small growing businesses and easily available. Take advantage of the software to drive some workplace changes this year.

Bottom line

As a HR manager, you not only have to keep updating recruitment trends to get the best talent but you also need to ensure that you work towards the company growth through effective human capital. You need to realize that you are the key link between the company and professional workers.

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