How To Get Into Employment In The Shortest Time Possible

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Research indicates that nearly 70% of people are looking for jobs or even if they are not, are actually interested in finding better positions. There is no doubt that many people find the whole process of looking for jobs tedious. At best, it is considered to be daunting and at worst unbearable. The mere hunt for a perfect opportunity can take months or even a whole year.

This means that if you are working and you are planning to find another job, you will need at least a month of searching. However, everyone may not have the luxury to wait that long. That is why you need these tips to help you land a job in the shortest span of time.

Timing your search

There are definitely seasons that particularly favor job seekers. Of course, individuals who need a job right away do not have to wait for anything. However, individuals who are itching for a job switch are advised to start looking for employment opportunities at a time of the year when things are really favorable.

According to job experts, January and February top the list as the most ideal time to look for employment at the beginning of the year.  September and October are recommendable as the year is about to end.  Therefore, if you are looking for a job now, you should be working on your CV, building your network and updating your LinkedIn profile.

Inform other people

One of the ways of making it easy to get a job in the shortest time is actually letting other people be aware that you are job hunting. Therefore, you should not just stick to online job searches. Survey indicates that a significant percentage of people with well-established networks have higher chances of getting quick employment. You shy away from the idea of making your job search public. Reaching out to former co-workers, friends and relatives is a good way for making your job search more effective.

Showing career achievements

There is usually a statement at the top of your resume that reads “Goals and Objectives.” According to experts from employment agencies in Toronto, you should not pay much attention to this part. This is because your goal is more or less obvious. All you need is a job. In that case, it is highly recommendable to highlight your major achievements.

This can be done by creating a good summary of your past accomplishments just beneath the section for “Goals and Objectives” in your CV. You should show both interviewers and managers what you have previously done and how that can make you a promising employee for them. When talking about your past accomplishments, try to be more specific instead of just giving general answers or statements.

Opting to volunteer

You can also get a job much faster by simply dedicating part of your time to help others. It is better to have something to do than to just sit and do nothing. Volunteering gives you work experience, which may come in handy when preparing a resume. It is mostly recommendable for recent graduates. Therefore, if you have to volunteer for a week or a month, just keep at it while looking for other job opportunities. Volunteering will give you the chance to master particular skillsets that will come in handy when an opportunity knocks on the door.

Lastly, you may want to work on your social media accounts if you are looking for employment. This is because there is particularly a good chance that your employer will go through your social media profiles. Your profiles should be appealing because if potential employers do not like what they see, it may cost you heavily in the end.

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