How To Decide Whether You Need A Full Time Or Part Time Job

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We all go through different stages in life that affect our schedules and time. Some stages don’t really require so much decision making when it comes to choosing whether to work full time or part time. For example, a student in college needs to find a part time job that will fit around his study time. However, some cases need serious thought before deciding on a part time or full time job.

One instance is where a new mother needs to go back to work after her maternity leave. In this case, she has to work out how many hours in a day she is willing to leave her new born baby and if she can afford a nanny. If you are having a hard time deciding whether you should take up a full time or part time job schedule, read on to get the pros and cons of both options.

Pros of a full time schedule

Salary and benefits

A full time job assures you of a stable income thus providing financial stability. Most full time jobs provide benefits like paid vacations, healthcare and some even provide an on-site childcare. Most people with families greatly benefit from full time jobs since they have an employment package that is included.

Professional development

A full time job gives one an opportunity to advance in their career. For people looking for professional development, considering a full time schedule would be the best choice. It is only when you are a full time employee that you can be considered for internal promotions in a company.

Cons of a full time schedule

Associated costs

It is true that there are a lot of perks that come with being a full time employee. However, all these also come at a cost. You need to plan transport related fees, work attire and child care costs if need be. So this means that every month you need to set aside some cash to cater for these expenses.


A full time job can end up taking most of your time in a day which may leave very little time to do other things. If you are a family person, you may find that you spend less time with your family and this lack of balance can easily increase tension and stress in your life.

Pros of a part time schedule


Some part time jobs only need half the time a full time employee has to work. This means you have enough time to balance between home and work. If you have the luxury to plan your day, then you have the advantage of being at your best at all times and this increases your productivity.


Not all but some part time jobs offer benefits to their employees. They may not be as many as being on a full time job but some of these benefits can be really helpful. You can choose to work overtime which you are guaranteed of more money.

Cons of a part time schedule

Lack of professional development

Sadly when it comes to professional development, only full time employees get considered. This does not mean that you cannot advance in your career but chances of getting promotions are very minimal. This also means that it may take a while before you get a salary raise.

Less remuneration

Most part time jobs pay according to the number of hours you work. So this means that the fewer the hours you work, the less you earn. Since you don’t have a standard income, part time schedules don’t offer income stability.

From these pros and cons, you can now decide which schedule best suits you. Once you decide, you can look up for placement agencies in Toronto who can help you find an ideal job position, depending on your qualifications and experience.

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