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Tips For Hiring Temps And Using Temporary Employment Agencies

April 26, 2016

If you are an employer looking forward to hire people who will form part of your company, you will always want to make sure you can get someone who can help you to maximise business profits and of course improve your company’s products and services. Many times, it will be very difficult to find great candidates that fully match what you are looking for. Add to that the fact that some jobs only need temporary services.

Well, if you have a job that has to be worked on for a limited amount of time then the best option you have is to look for temporary employment agencies. In their network, they will have candidates who are suitable to do temporary jobs related to window installation, driving, welding and more. Wondering how you can make the most out of using temporary employment agencies for your company? Here are tips that you might find helpful:

Make sure you are well-versed with the cost of hiring temps

Temporary workers may be paid hourly or daily or weekly, depending on your agreement with the agency you are dealing with. To some extent, the rates can vary greatly between staffing agencies but of course, if you try to check the rates and compare one from the other, you will be able to find the best temporary employment agency to work with. Additionally, you do not have to be burdened by the fact of hiring a person for a permanent position when the job is just temporary.

You can choose to offer temp a full-time job in your company


It can really be difficult hiring a person from time-to-time for your temporary jobs. The good thing about temporary employment agencies is you can choose to hire the same person and offer him a full-time position in your company later if he or she has performed extremely well in meeting the job requirements. When you have considered this, there is no more hassle of hiring different individuals to do the same job in the future.

Have a mentor for each temp that you hire

You must always make the temp feel at ease with your working environment. You can do so by assigning a mentor who will familiarise him with the job he is called for. Give him the chance to raise his concerns to his mentor. When you do so, his level of commitment to your company will increase thus boosting productivity.

Always build camaraderie with the temporary employment agency

As mentioned awhile back, it can be very difficult hiring a different person for the same temporary job in the future. It will then be recommended for you to reconsider hiring the same person using the same temporary agency you have worked with in the past. It will also be nice to build rapport not just with the temporary employment agency but also the person you are hiring for the temporary job. When you treat them the way you treat your permanent employees, it will be most likely for you to hire them again in the future.

Choose a temporary employment agency that screens their temps well

Whilst temporary employment agencies are simply hiring a temporary worker to form part of their team, you also have to see to it that they conduct the necessary screening for their workers. Do they have drug tests for these temps? Do they conduct background checks of individuals applying for jobs through their company? You should feel free to raise all these concerns. This will make sure that hiring temps will be safe for you and your company.

Today, looking for trusted temporary employment agencies in Toronto is fairly easy. For starters, you can start by browsing through our pages!

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