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How To Succeed In Job Hunting Through An Employment Agency

December 31, 2015

When looking for a job through an employment agency in Toronto, there are a number of things which are usually thought of as basic and which you should never get wrong. There are many people who use such agencies to try and find jobs, and end up having a very difficult time doing it for one reason or another. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you go through the process as carefully as possible. It takes more effort to look for jobs this way, but it will dramatically increase your chances of finding the right one. Some of the things you ought to consider include:


Picking the right agency

If you intend to leave your CV at an employment agency, you should be keen on making sure that the quality of that agency is up to scratch. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of job seeking, though it’s also one of the most important. When you use an agency that does not attract many employers or employees, it will be difficult for your CV to be seen by firms that you would want to be employed in. as a result, you are bound to spend a lot of time waiting for a job offer. This is made even worse if you post your CV on many low quality agency sites, and then wait for them to respond.

Rather than doing this, you should first go over the details of the agency to find out if they are a perfect fit or not. Posting the CV to a company website that has thousands of visitors every year or to an agency that is very popular with blue chip firms is much better compared to posting them to numerous sites that are relatively unknown.

Making sure that your CV has no basic mistakes

In addition to that, you should also ensure that your CV has no basic mistakes that will push you out of a potential job. Remember that when most employees go through a resume and find errors such as spelling and formatting errors, they are likely to dismiss it. Remember that most of them may have many of these to go through, so they will do as much as they can to get rid of those that don’t seem serious enough about getting the job.

This means that before presenting your resume to any of such agencies, you need to go through it in detail to make sure that it’s worthy. Some of the things you need to watch out for include making sure that the dates, spellings and other details are in the correct order.

Tailoring the CV towards a specific type of employer

If you are interested in getting employment from a specific company, you should also consider making sure that the CV you present to the agencies is tailored to this. For instance, if you want to be employed as an accountant to a specific company, you should find out what their policies and corporate culture is. You can then include this in your resume, so that anyone going through it at that company will see you as a perfect fit. This also means that each time you write a resume for a specific job, you should consider altering it slightly to make sure that this is reflected. If you have a soft copy of the CV, this should not be very difficult to do since it only requires you to make a few changes to highlight the details that you think are important to the job.

By doing the above, you will have significantly increased your chances of getting the dream job you want. It will also make working with employment agencies much easier as well.

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