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How To Recruit The Best Employees For Your Company

May 20, 2016

There’s a difference between hiring someone qualified for a particular job and hiring someone well-suited for a particular objective to be met. There can be a mismatch of job profile and candidate’s work experience if a proper refining process is not employed while recruiting an employee. Here are a few steps you need to follow in order to have the right mix of workers in your organisation:

Be clear-cut with the job profile


You have to clearly define what exactly you are looking for. You can’t have a technical person working in a managerial position or vice versa, without any relative experience. In an odd case, you might find a good manager in a technically inclined person, but that will be of no use unless the person fits in the role with all the attributes required for that specific job. You need to be precise when it comes to defining the real purpose of a particular job position, else it will be a real pain to get the hired person acclimatized to the work in the way you would like it to be.

Pre-screen the candidate

This is an important step as it saves a lot of time and headache for the management and recruitment committee. A resume can very well be tailored to look very appealing at the first sight, but the real story will only come out in actual words. You can either opt for an HR interview in person or use the help of recruitment agencies in Toronto. Make sure that the person screening the candidates has the right set of questions meant to separate the best from the rest.

Do a loyalty-check

A man who is focused on his or her profession more than the pay cheques is an ideal employee you need to hire. You shouldn’t prefer someone who switches employers often, just to get a higher compensation. In the event that a person has shuffled a lot in his career, employing this individual can be an issue for your business. Do a little background check to be fully aware of the potential candidate’s past work record.

Know the reason behind quitting the current job

Try to know a valid reason behind the person leaving the current job in order to join your organisation, as this will help you assess the compatibility of the candidate with the job profile. Indeed, even after the interview and verifications are done, taking in this last bit of data can coincidentally uncover a great deal about your potential contract with the employee.

Carry out analytical tests

Sorting out the best resume and having a conversation over a telephone is just not enough to pick the right candidate. You need to test the applicant for his analytical and reasoning skills, too. This is of utmost importance to any organization. You would want an employee to have the perfect balance of temperament and thought process when under the hammer. Say for an example, an open-minded, extroverted person is perfect for the sales position, while someone good at quantitative maths will fit in the role for the accounts section. It’s all about fixing the blocks as per the dimensions and if you try to force it inside, the business will suffer.

Pick up the interns

Not many people will agree to hire someone who will only spend just a couple of months in an organization, but what if you find a gem in one of those interns who has committed himself or herself and showed the urge to learn? You are totally aware of his or her level of knowledge, skills, personality and above all, the impact he or she made in that little period. That puts you in a good position to make a judgement as to whether a fellow intern has the charm you are looking for.

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