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7 Things Your Body Language Tells Your Job Interviewer

June 30, 2016

You have been looking forward to that job interview and you are all excited at the prospects of a new opportunity. It is normal to feel anxious and nervous before walking in the interview room but you need to be well composed first because body language sends out strong messages to the interviewer before you even speak. The minute you walk in an interview room, the interviewer can tell the level of your confidence so to speak and that will set the tone on how the interview will carry on.

In this article, we will look at 7 things that you need to be aware of about your body language and what kind of message you convey when you act in a certain way. Any employment agency in Toronto will look carefully at the following details, even as you start answering those hard questions.


It helps to be relaxed before even entering the conference room to meet your interviewers. Practice your gait and handshake before making your entry. Greet the interviewer while keeping an eye contact and have a firm grip to send the message that you are confident and that you know why you are there in the first place. Try as much as possible to connect with the people in the room and show them that you interested in what they have to say. Being open will relay the message that you are comfortable and your interviewer will be able to see you as an honest person.

Foot and hand positions

job interview

When you sit down, let your feet rest on the floor and do not put your arms on your chin. If you are not sure what to do with your arms while seated, you can bring a notebook and pen and place them in front of you and be ready to take in necessary notes if need be. Be sure that you don’t get too engrossed in writing it may seem like you are detached and not concentrating on what the interviewer is saying.

Leaning position

Lean forward every time your interviewer is talking as this shows you are attentive. If the interviewer is making a lengthy talk you need to occasionally nod to show that you are following up and you understand what he is saying. You do not want to appear as if your mind has wandered off.


Be careful on the kind of hand gestures you use and how to use your facial expressions. An eye roll or a dismissive hand gesture will relay the message that you are a negative person. It helps to use a neutral voice throughout the interview and in the case you have to narrate a situation that may rouse your emotions it is ok to pause and keep yourself calm before answering back.

Body posture shifts

A sudden change in your body posture may make you seem like you are getting uncomfortable with the questions asked. The interviewer may get concerned and feel like you are trying to hide something. You need to keep smiling once in a while even when asked questions that may not be comfortable for you and this relays the message that you are comfortable discussing any question and that you have nothing to hide.

Body aggression

In the business world, it helps to be aggressive and it is fine to want to show your interviewer that you possess this quality. However, try not to come off as being too aggressive. Do not shush or hold your hand to stop your interviewer as he speaks. This shows that you are too aggressive and the interviewer may conclude that you are insecure. Always wait for your turn to speak and give your answer in an even tone without raising your voice at any one time.

Yawning or slumping

Job interviews can sometimes prove to be tedious but you never have to show signs that you are getting bored. Yawning or slumping will show that you are getting disinterested. Keep your shoulders up throughout your interview and try to be as engaging as possible.

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