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4 Mistakes That Make It Difficult To Get A Job Through Employment Agencies

November 9, 2016

Canada has many employment opportunities. This is one of the driving forces of other people from around the world. However, the irony is that once in Canada, both native Canadians and immigrants may find it difficult to get the jobs they want. Using employment agencies in Toronto in such scenarios can be an easy way out. Their links with many employers means that you can get your dream job within a short time.

The misconception that many people have is that using an employment agency to find a job can be taken as a laissez faire affaire. Being too casual could make it difficult for you to find the job, even with the employment agencies. There are certain mistakes people make when submitting information to employment agencies which make it difficult for them to get jobs. The common ones include:

Vague information


Submission of information to an employment agency may take various forms depending on the specific agency. However, you are asked to submit information, always try to be as specific as possible. Vague information makes it difficult to find a right job fit for an individual. If this information is sent to an employer, they may not consider you for employment on the basis of the vagueness, as it shows a lack of initiative. Some people view this as a sign of laziness which leads to the same outcome.

Any information you submit to an employment agency should be specific, and should contain just the right amount of detail. Being too wordy may also be a disadvantage. In the case of a CV, the excess content could put off the individual evaluating the mail. Assume that they might not have much time to read through prose. You can then provide the very important information in condensed format for higher chances of success.

Including false information 

Employment agencies that have a higher chance of getting you a job are thorough. This is why they have links with major companies, which in turn explains their relative success at getting people jobs. Some of them may go over the details of an application before finding a company to submit it to, particularly if the job being sought is a white-collar job such as a managerial position.

False information such as where you went to university is likely to be checked. Even if the employment agency does not check this, any firm keen on employing you will do so. Most will reject the application without giving you an opportunity to explain the discrepancy. Most false information is included in CVs to make one look more attractive to employers, and should be avoided.

Poor presentation 

Numerous spelling mistakes, improper formatting of your CV or application, the use of informal font and generally anything else that makes your application look informal should be avoided. There’s plenty of advice on how to write formal documents including cover letters and CVs online, so you should be covered on this front. You only need to visit one of these, see how it’s done and then replicate it when writing your own. It may need some patience for you to find the right example and then use it as the basis for writing your CV or cover letter, but this is never time wasted in vain.

Avoiding consultation with the headhunting team 

Some job search firms are very open and have very friendly staff. If you happen to start using one of such, you can first seek some help from them regarding how to maximize the potential of getting the job you want. If they are professionally staffed, most of them will be more than happy to see you. They have great advice to give you when you are hunting for a job – and most likely than not, they can actually find you your dream job if they get to understand your credentials well.

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